About Me

Hi there,

In general, I am interested in many things that are related to computer, but especially I am interested in computer security. You might wonder what are the reasons? One can provide plenty.

First, we cannot think of ourselves today without interacting with some computerized systems, online social networks, banks, electronic shops, or smartphones. All of them store sensitive data. And this is the nature of the today’s reality that there are “bad” guys who wants to get hold of that data.

Second, people are overwhelmed today by the amount of information we have to process. We have tens if not hundreds of passwords, much more accounts from hundreds of websites, which we do not remember. At the same time, whichever device users use, they want to use it for the main purpose, not to set or configure some “security aspects” of it. That is one of the reason why in my research I, first try to remove a human from the loop of a security task as much as possible.

Finally, doing research in computer security is fun. It is like hide and seek game, where you can choose the side to play for, a good guy or a bad guy.

My other hobbies are microcontroller programming and 3d graphics. Indeed, a bit eclectic, but I find these two areas to be fun for spare time, when I want to get distracted from my current work.


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